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The Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About ITCON 2019

#1: What is this event about?

ITCON 2019 is a must attend conference where the best and brightest business owners and C-level executives come together to learn about the risks they are facing today with every facet of their business. NEW security strategies, NEW ways hackers are getting to you, and NEW laws are facing every business today. This conference is geared towards business owners who want to get practical advice on how to overcome various roadblocks and obstacles in today's dangerous world of reliance on the internet in business.

MANY of our clients tell us that our mini-conventions we have previously held is an extremely important event where the concepts we teach finally "click." That's because the entire event is focused on one thing: Giving you actionable, highly relevant strategies on protecting your company in today’s world of cyber-crime. It's also where we share multiple "real-live-stories" of companies that have suffered the pain of a cyber-attack in their business so you can not only learn HOW they went about getting back on their feet after an attack but also be learn the strategies they took to be more aggressive in implementing cybersecurity measure for the future.


#2: Who should attend?

This event is designed to bring together Business Owners, C-Level Executives, CTOs, CISOs, Web Developers, and MSPs, to share and collaborate on what the biggest risks they are facing today for their business, and best practices on reducing that risk. You are ENCOURAGED to come if you are in any way reliant on the world wide web, use emails, connect to wifi, or have any kind of custom software for your company.  ITCON 2019 is the perfect event to get you re-focused on the risks that are facing your business today and how you can be smarter and more educated to save your business from the imminent danger it is facing every minute.

Many attendees also bring a spouse, business partner, IT manager or general manager so they can learn from the various sessions and network with other business owners and IT professionals for fresh new ideas and take-home strategies.


#3: What's the agenda and speaker lineup?

The PRIMARY sessions and speakers are listed on the event website here:

However, there will be dozens of additional breakout sessions, a cocktail reception meet-and-greet and an exhibit hall full of trusted vendors, suppliers and consultants who can help you implement the various security strategies we teach. You will also benefit from the breakfast and lunch networking sessions with others who are attending just like you.


#4: What's the money-back guarantee?

If after attending the ENTIRE seminar you are not thoroughly convinced that this event was worth every single penny of the tuition you paid and the time you invested, just hand in your materials and say, "This wasn't what I expected," before you leave, and I will refund 100% of your money – no hassles! And for your trouble, I will give your company a FREE 27 Point Network Assessment worth $997!


#5: Does this mean I need to start investing thousands of dollars into something I never paid for?

So while I can certainly understand legitimate angst some may feel over this new idea of cybersecurity, obsessing over the "cost" of it won’t do you any good. These are threats that are real, and your business is facing them whether you want to acknowledge that or not. I can state with much confidence and from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that this type of thinking is standing in the way of your prosperity. Only people who have their head stuck in the sand think in terms of “what is this going to cost me to implement".

The good news is, that most of what you are going to hear are at little to no extra cost to your business! Implementing basic security measures does not mean spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. It means educating yourself and your employees as to what measures are right for YOUR business. There are so many vendors out there selling security services, it just makes you want to run away from it altogether. Our goal is to bring the right information to you so that you can make educated decision on where to go from here.


I'm GUARANTEEING your decision to attend, removing all the risk to you! What other investment will deliver THAT type of assurance that the money you put in will NOT be wasted or regretted later? You can't POSSIBLY believe that you could sit through this ENTIRE conference, with the sessions and speakers we have lined up for you, and NOT come away with MULTIPLE and immediate strategies you desperately NEED to get out of risk and get in compliance?!?!?!


Here's what I can tell you with absolute certainty: Staying in your current position, even if it worked in the past, won't provide answers to how to secure your business TODAY; and the little money you save by not attending and learning to secure your company can be washed away with the click on a single email.


#6: What if I have to cancel last-minute?

The last day to cancel and get a 100% refund is May 20th, 2019. If it's after that date, you may hand your ticket over to another person who has not purchased a ticket. Remember, seating is limited and only 400 attendees will be able to purchase tickets.


#7: Why attend in person if I don’t know anything about IT? Should I send my top employee who is involved with IT?

It's the difference between watching a game or owning a game; there are some things you just can't see, feel and hear second hand. You will also miss out on the various hallway conversations with peers (which are extremely valuable) and getting the discounts and tools offered in the Exhibit Hall from the various vendors who attend. There is a company discount to attend, so attending with your top employee and/or IT guy is a fantastic option. However, IF sending your IT person is your ONLY option, it's better by far than missing out altogether.


#8: I already have a CTO, MSP, and/or In-house IT Guy, I trust them on any tech decisions. Do I still need to attend?

For starters, if you don’t know the ins and outs of the risks facing your business today, that is precisely WHY you need to attend. The world is ever changing. You are more reliant on technology for the day to day operations of your business than you ever were. Here’s your chance to get in front of those risks, learn what they are and how to fight them. Knowledge is power.

Can you seriously believe for a moment you won't gain some gold nugget you can take back and apply for safety and security in YOUR business from this ONE day? Can you possibly think this is something you should miss out on, particularly if you're not abreast with what is going on in your IT and security? Of course, you'll be surrounded by HUNDREDS of similar peers who can encourage you and give you the direction you need to finally IMPLEMENT some basic changes so that your business doesn’t close tomorrow because of a cyber attack.


Second, ITCON 2019 is my annual "state of the union" where I provide the most powerful NEW security and technology strategies that I've been working on for the year – so I can ASSURE you there will be fresh, new ideas that you've not heard before, do not know about and aren't using. Who is on your IT guy's back? YOU need to understand the foundation of your business. These days, technology IS a foundation.


#9: How is this event different than a networking event?

This one day event will be packed with strategies and ideas. There will be minimal amount of networking so if you are coming to network or sell a product, this is the wrong event for you. If you are coming to learn about the laws that apply to your business, or the risks your business faces every minute of every day, they you have answered your own question.


#10: I don't think I can take that much time away from my business; is there another option?

Of course, you could send one of your employees, or your IT guy; but let me address a more important issue About Time And Timing. The other day I interviewed Chaim Berkowitz, the CEO of Skyscraper Insurance, a multi-million dollar insurance firm. I asked him why he has been able to grow his business from NOTHING – not even a high school graduate and certainly with NO business experience – and build a thriving insurance business that crushes his competition, growing and expanding every year despite the fact he's selling essentially the same services to the same prospects in the same economic conditions using the same vendors. He said...


"Most have a myopic perspective of their company and wake up every day to complete TASKS in their business, not on moving the business forward."


As the saying goes, "Are you too busy earning a living to make any real money?" You cannot honestly believe that over the next several months you won't be faced with critical decisions, challenges AND risks where the skills, tools, and information you'll learn at ITCON 2019 on Cyber Risk and Compliance, won't come into play. There is always the temptation to say, "I'll just skip this year and go next year…when I'm not so busy…when things quiet down…when money's not so tight…when I'm not in the middle of X, Y or Z…" but know this: PROCRASTINATION is the preferred choice of the POOR. We want you to learn about the technology your business is reliant on each and every single day. Take control of it TODAY.


Have A Question That Was Not Answered Here?

Then please call my office direct at 1-845-738-1663 or send an e-mail to EVENTS@ITCONINC.COM.

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