Want To Engage With Over 400 Decisive, High-Quality Business Owners and C- Level Decision Makers Who Are Looking For Your Services?

Cyber Crime is the number one fear at the C Level and ownership level of businesses throughout America. The devastation wreaked by cyber-attacks makes the headlines everywhere. The urgent need for information, and guidance as to how best safeguard a company is the number one quest for decision makers.


This is why the C Level and owners of the small to medium size companies you are targeting are making it their business to attend ITCON 2019. Through riveting presentations by leading authorities in the field of cybersecurity, they will get insights on the challenges they face and advice and solutions as to how they can best protect their businesses. Such management knows their very business could be at risk. For them attending ITCON 2019 is an absolute must.


As a sponsor you are broadcasting your high regard for cyber security both within your operations, as well as operations that connect you to your clients. Your sponsorship demonstrates a deep commitment to not just following, but even transcending the Laws of Compliance so that all companies with whom you do business with know there is no gateway to their system through your system.  Equally, it demonstrates you making it possible for other businesses to achieve the highest level of security. You are giving them the gift of peace of mind, for which you can be sure they will be very grateful.


Some sponsorships are still available, but availability cannot be guaranteed. Please review the sponsorship information and contact us at your earliest convenience.

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