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ItCon Really Cares


When dealing with experts like the ItCon team you can’t go wrong. The Cyber Security Event their doing just shows how seriously they care about the safety of everyone’s network.


Mark Fisher

ITCON 2019 Should Be Mandatory!


As a business owner I lived with the fear of being hacked. The disruption to my business and the loss would be a nightmare. The preventive training and ongoing security service has given me a peace of mind for which I am forever grateful. The ITCON 2019 Security Conference should be a requirement for all business owners out there. If you don’t know how to properly secure your companies network your in big trouble.


Josh Barker


When It Comes to Your Cyber Security You Need to Hear Advice from Experts


After being tricked into giving my username and password to a seemingly legitimate site what happened next was absolutely terrifying.  The hacker stole many of my clients’ personal data. The harm done to them was incalculable. And I am struggling to regain trust and my once iron clad reputation.  The lesson I learned is you may think you’re smart, but hackers are often smarter.  All I can say from experience is don’t risk your two most valuable assets – your customer relationship and your reputation.   All I can say is you’d be crazy not to hear advice from top grade cyber security experts at the ITCON 2019. Believe me, you never want to have an experience similar to mine.


Michael Abramson


Forewarned is Forearmed


With ItCons Security+ solution in place I no longer feel worried or stressed out. I look forward to the ITCON 2019 Event to hear all about the dangers of the dark web and know what I am up against.


Rose Lenert


ITCON 2019 is a Definite DO NOT MISS


As hackers continuously expand their techniques so do we. Who can be better to learn from how to protect your business then from the experts themselves. As an ItCon client we have always felt protected and secure. If they are putting together a cyber security event on the scale of ItCon 2019 we know there’s value. A definite do not miss.


Yehoshua Hager



ITCON 2019 Here I Come


No one goes to a military war without the right ammunition. So how come some people think they can open a business and combat hackers without the right armor? Thankfully we are not part of that group. Our cyber security is of high importance to us. Looking forward to meeting business owners that know how to fight the war right. ITON 2019 here I come.


Steve Parker


ITCON Lunch n’ Learns Bring Our Security to a Whole New Level


As a business owner I was positive I had everything on lock-down. That was until my CFO clicked on the wrong link. After experiencing a minor data breach, I knew I had to learn more. The risk I was facing of potential data damage to company profits, our reputation, and to customers who trust us to keep their information safe was just too large. Signing up my company for a yearly ITCON Security Lunch n’ Learn was the best thing I did! Our staff as whole is now knowledgeable in how to keep our data safe in this age of tech warfare so we can continue doing business confidently. I would recommend this for any business! Now that ItCon is taking this 1 step further, and bringing industry professionals from all sides of business, I’m looking forward to joining and understanding what else it is I need to know so that my business can continue flourishing and not crash when a breach happens.


Rivka Danzinger


ITCON Prevent Disasters in the Making


With a good security company in place we thought our company was protected and secure. I never dreamed my end users could possibly cause any damage, so I didn’t invest in end user training. I had the scare of my life when one of our low-level employees clicked on a malicious link! Not only was her computer down but it effected our whole network, including the backup! Unfortunately, I learned my lesson the hard way. The situation was a nightmare that took months of heartache, downtime, loss, and finally recuperation. Now we are ready to educate our team on cyber security. For all those businesses deciding if they should invest a full day in something as “remote” as cyber security should learn from me. It’s a guaranteed worthwhile investment. Don’t become a victim like we did. Learn how to protect yourself.


Dan Spinner


Signing Up with ItCon will be the Smartest Business Decision I Made


I had just gotten back to the office after an extended holiday break when I noticed something was very wrong. My account was completely cleared out showing recent heavy withdrawals. I was certain that I had not taken any amount out of the bank recently and no one else that I was aware of had access to my account. Upon further investigation I realized someone must have hacked into my network and totally emptied my account! The bank was not able to help me, as the FDIC does not insure business accounts. It was a huge blow, one which almost shut down my entire operation. I was not taking any more chance. I immediately contacted ItCon to sign up for their security conference. It was the smartest decision I made since opening my business. As the frequency and intensity of digital attacks just seem to be growing, the importance of reinforcing current data security measures and mitigating human-driven risks is very real! With ITCON 2019’s amazing speakers from all sides of the spectrum, along with their highly intelligent and experienced staff, we will come out feeling well armed against malicious and dangerous hackers. After attending ITCON 2019 we will be one step ahead of the game.


Fred Tropper


For Every One Step Forward a Hacker Takes We Needed to Take Two


It started out as an innocent call from one of our customers saying they got an email from us asking them to please pay the monthly payment which they had already done a week back. Unsuspecting anything too serious, we told them to disregard and hung up the phone. To our horror that was just the beginning. Following that we got multiple urgent calls from other clients confused with what was going on. Someone had hacked into our network and was reaching out to our clients for payment! After explaining to customers what had occurred, many were angry and wanted to discontinue services with us. We promised our customers we’d take our security more seriously by signing up and attending ITCON 2019. Learning from industry professionals what best practices we need to do to protect ourselves is more than simply relying on our IT guy. It’s actually doing REAL STUFF to secure our data, as well as our client’s data. ITCON 2019 will provide us with exceptional value, allowing us to focus on our core business objectives while assuring us and our clients that our information security program is beyond reproach. 


Lisa Renert


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