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View A Live Hacking On Stage,


where you will see one of Nettitude's Lead Penetration Testers hack into a business's computer network and steal private data and information.  Be prepared to be shocked and dismayed at how easy it is. Learn how to avoid being in a hacker's sight. 

Yanky Weiss - Fidelity.jpg

Yanky Weiss  CTO, Fidelity 

PCI Compliance – tips and tactics how to secure your payments, uphold your reputation, and stay ahead of the curve.

9:45 AM


8:45 AM

Registration, Networking Breakfast 

9:30 AM


Leah Freiman CEO, ItCon

talking about the cause and need of cybersecurity 

10:00 AM

Moshe Marc Gelbtuch CPA/CFF Roth&Co

Surviving a sophisticated cyber-crime; a personal account of how cyber criminals were able to hack his business bank accounts

Moshe Gelbtuch.jpg
Bob Schiff 5.jpg

10:40 AM

10:15 AM

Live Hacking! 

Witness a live hacking as our Anonymous Hacker breaches the computer security of a representative small business. See for yourself how the threat of hacking is all too real, and all too simple for a professional hacker. 

11:00 AM


Neal Conlon AppGuard

How to defend yourself and fight back against hackers. Is it even possible to achieve zero trust? How can you break through and find a solution that works. 

Mordy Fried CEO, Keystone Cyber Protection 

Join Mordy in a friendly interactive workshop on cyber security.

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12:00 PM


A panel of CTOs CISOs of Corporate Environments  discuss the techniques and strategies they use to keep their companies’ data and information safe and secure.  They are at the frontline and know all too well how cyber-criminals threaten the very future of their companies.

11:30 AM

11:40 AM

Break Snack and Drinks will be served

12:35 PM

Nathan Face shot.jpg

Nathan Berger CEO, Digacore

Understanding why having an MSP is so important for your company and the risks and problems a company faces when they don't have one. 

5:00 PM



Joe Apfelbaum, MC

Welcome and Introductions 

2:00 PM

Ephraim Arnstein CEO, Bitbean

Learn how to have the mindset of a disrupter to dominate your industry. Use it to reveal the true potential of your company to be the leader everyone is chasing after.

1:00 PM

Gourmet Lunch & Networking 

2:20 PM

3:00 PM

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Chaim Book, MB-LLP Associates 

Understanding the internal threats in your business. How to address them while at the same time making sure not to cross over the border of your employees personal privacy. Doing it right. 

3:20 PM

Break and Networking 

4:40 PM


Joe Apfelbaum CEO, AJAX Union 

Closing Remarks and Raffle

3:30 PM

3:50 PM

4:10 PM

1-Semel Mike 2016 finished CROPPED.jpg

Mike Semel CSO, Semel Consulting

Learn how as an executive you can side sweep expensive and embarressing cyber headaches. How to approach security and compliance as business problems with technical solutions. 

Leah Freiman CEO, ItCon

You are the weakest link in your network – end user training. Learn how to make end users part of your security solution as opposed to only less of a problem. The bonus of Social Engineering and Data Aggregation to jumpstart your security program.

Yanky Engel CEO, Yeda LLC

Understanding the true definition of leadership and what it entails including the importance of taking responsibility on everything in your company.

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Yanky Weiss - Fidelity.jpg
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